My favourite 10 Songs

1. My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

In the song of “My Heart Will Go On” also called “Love Theme from Titanic Movie” by Celine Dion is one of my favorite songs for long time. In the first part “Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you” means that Rose from the movie Titanic dreams about Jack in the movie Titanic who died. This song expresses an endless love even after a partner’s death. Like in the lyrics “that is how I know you go on” means that although a person dies their heart lives on. Even after death the heart lives on- in the lyrics “near far wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on”, most likely referring to heaven.

favourite songs - my heart will go on

2. Roar- Katy Perry

The latest break ‘ROAR’ by Katy Perry is an amazing song for adult as much as kids. It expresses the idea of being against the ropes in life, throwing haymakers until you make contact and come out the victor! Here the singer extends a boxing metaphor throughout and borrows from a ’80s rock song. Roar is a song with a fantastic video to bring victory in a jungle in a bravely and a lovely way. Perry said about this song is, she wrote ‘ROAR’ during a period when her heart hurt after she and her boy friend broke up. So after her broke up with John Mayer she wrote this song to become brave in that situation.

3. Baby – Justin Bieber

The song Baby by Justin Bieber is a lovely song. This is a song about someone being in love for the first time and throughout the song he is denying to believe that his partner doesn’t feel the same way. They were being together as a friend. The boy’s heart was broken when the girl said “Are we an item? Girl, quit playing. We’re just friends, what are you saying?”.  Quiet common feature of love without expression and when expressed, got to know that she is not her. I love this song because of the music and story line.

4. Black or White – Michael Jackson

The famous singer and songwriter Michael Jackson’s song “Black or White” is a very popular song since it has been released. It is famous not only for its lyrics and music but also for his dancing and morphing. It is the most exciting video I ever seen. The pop king singer sings and dances here with some very serious messages along with comedy. A great scene of smashing car in the second half of the video reveals to tear down hate, racism and prejudice in all forms. It is not only about Black and White but also good or bad, light or darkness, peace or aggression.

5. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

“It’s My Life” by the famous singer Bon Jovi is a song of Life. Jovi try to express a singer’s life style which may relate to others as well. He said to feel, act and take risks. Live your life while you are here on this world. Don’t let life control you. It is a song about -LIVING. Living my own life the way I want as it is my life, now or never. With a fantastic rock music Bon expressed the right of living owns life with owns wishes. I love the music and lyrics.

6. I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You – Richard Marx

The heart touching song “I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You” by Americal contemporary writer and singer Richard Marx is a sad song with soft music. The lyrics and music both touches my heart wherever I am. Do you not hear what most of the songs are about now? 80s hair metal, pop, Ambience and everything else is wonderful until we hit the 2000s. It is a heart breaking song of Richard Marx where he still wants to wait for her beloved by saying “Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you”.

7. Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

The Colombian singer and writer Shakira have song named “Whenever, Wherever” is a lovely song. It is just fun to dance with this song of love. Shakira feels lucky in this song as her partner born far away so they can have fun of distance. It is a symbol of endless love even a partner goes far away. Shakira with her unique voice sang this song of love and touch the heart of many listeners. After enjoying the difference she also said “whenever, wherever, we’re meant to be together”, is a lovely way to feel her partner.

8. Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

This song is written by Hawaiian musician and sovereignty activist. With a very pleasing voice he expressed his dream go somewhere over the rainbow. The song is enjoyable in a lovely nature or on the way to the down town.

9. Maroon 5 – One More Night

The second single from Maroon 5 is “One More Night”. It is a very familiar pop-rock and it makes rhythm from heart. This just can be expected from Adam Levine and his band mates. The song has a dancy feeling with a bit of a reggae style with percussion. Levine’s signature falsetto and looped beat is fantastic where it says about being able to untangle himself from his lady love. Levine’s wish is just to stay with her “one more night”. A quintessential push and pull song between the mind and body’s wish, which are so opposing things. It is a very booty and bounceable song where the writers did an effective job to encapsulate the sentiment and emotion with lots of “Ooh” parts.

10. Can’t Give Up Now- Mary Mary

“Can’t give up now” by Mary Mary is a very inspirational and uplifting song. It makes me feel the way of going upwards in the middle nobody can give up. With lovely soft music it is a song of strength when all hope is gone. Like in lyrics, “I’ll just lift my head up to the sky and say help me to be strong”.

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