How to convert Guzheng video on Youtube to MP3

I like Chinese classical music very much, especially the music performed with ancient Chinese musical instruments. I think they are different from European and American music. They have a special flavor, which appeals to me very much. For the reason, I bought many CDs, and later I found many videos of Chinese Guzheng instruments playing video on Youtube, the article tell me that Guzheng video can be downloaded and converted to MP3 and played on my iPod.
The site recommended 10 video converter software in this page, all of them need to paid, and although they offer coupons, which are cheaper than buying software from the official site, I still want to use free software. However, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is amazing, it is very powerful, I think I will buy this sofware from the site above.

use YTD Video Downloader

Finally, I found the YTD Video Downloader software, which always prompted me to buy a professional version while it start to run, and if I had bought a professional version, I would have preferred the 10 video format converters mentioned above. So I’m not buying a pro.
Here’s a look at the software, which is relatively simple because it’s free and certainly not as powerful as the paid software, but it is enough for me to download Youtube Guzheng videos and convert them into MP3 for my iPod.
Look at the video below. The music played here is really beautiful. So how do you download this video and convert it into mp3?


step 1: run YTD Video Downloader

convert Guzheng video - step 1

step 2: paste the Guzheng URL to the software input box, and click the download button, you see that, it has a pop-up ads to tell you to get the pro version.

convert Guzheng video - step 2

step 3: wait the downloading finish

convert Guzheng video - step 3

step 4: convert the video to MP3 by changing to the ‘convert’ tab on the software interface

convert Guzheng video - step 4

The software has few features, but in any case, it would be nice to be able to download videos.

Last words

As a music enthusiast, I can cut and edit mp3 with audacity, then put the MP3 music into my iPod, and I can listen to and enjoy Guzheng music every day.



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